Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Dress Comfortably. There is no need to dress up for your Social Security disability hearing. The hearing is informal, so wear what you feel comfortable in , as long as it’s appropriate.Get There Early. Social Security disability hearings usually start right on time, so don’t be late. Unless your Syracuse disability attorney advises you otherwise, you should arrive at the hearing about a half hour early. Arriving earlier to review your file isn’t usually necessary because your Syracuse disability lawyer will have already reviewed your file and will be ready for your hearing.Don’t Talk About Your Case. The building where your hearing is held is probably teeming with Social Security employees. So don’t talk about your case before or after your hearing whether you’re in the waiting room, the lobby, the elevator, the restroom, or anywhere else where someone may overhear. Wait until you are away from the building to discuss your case with your attorney or to make a phone call regarding your case.Don’t Make Jokes. Social Security disability hearings are not laughing matters. Do not make jokes. A Social Security representative may misinterpret your attempt at humor and think that you’re not taking your request for benefits seriously.Turn Off Your Cell Phone. If you have a cell phone, turn it off before the hearing starts.For more advice about how to prepare for your Social Security disability hearing, call Syracuse disability lawyer Anthony DiMartino or fill out the claim evaluation form on this page.


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