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I have prepared this website to answer your questions about all aspects of the Social Security disability evaluation process. Its 100 pages are full of useful information. Here are some additional places you might want to look. For more on qualifying for disability benefits, — Watch my video Are you likely to qualify? — Read my article Tips for applying. For information about appealing a denial, — Read my article Advice for appealing. — Download my free PDF 13 Suggestions for Disability Claimants available on the sidebar to the right and download my free e-booklet, Appealing a Denial of Benefits, for practical advice. For answers to questions about your hearing, — Watch my videos How the Judge Determines Disability, How to Be Persuasive at Your Hearing, What Not to Do at Your Hearing, How to Describe Daily Activities, and Can You Work Part-Time? — Review the articles in Your Disability Hearing in my Library below. For a look at how Social Security evaluates your particular medical condition, — Go to my Library below and see Applying for Disability Benefits When…

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Making a strong claim for Social Security disability benefits requires considerable expertise. Assistance from an experienced Syracuse New York Social Security lawyer is essential. The sooner you consult a disability attorney, the better. An attorney can work up your claim properly from the beginning, which may save you time and aggravation and achieve a better result. If you live in Syracuse or elsewhere in Central New York and want assistance with your application for Social Security disability benefits or appealing a denial, I can help. Please provide a brief description of your claim using the form to the right, and I will respond promptly. Or you may contact me.


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